Project info

Based on the integration of block chaining technology and large-scale distributed storage and parallel computing, DLB forms a centralization oriented autonomous community of big data. Data owners, data storage tools, data supply tools, data processing systems, and data value winners constitute the ecology of this autonomous community and realize the driving value of massive data in many business scenarios.

Basic community guidelines

  • Man is the fundamental source of all data value, the greatest contributor of value and the greatest beneficiary.
  • Application scenario is a tool to help people produce and supply data, and also a contributor and beneficiary of data value.
  • Data privacy and control are all above everything. Only data owners can determine the extent to which their data will be applied.
  • All participants in an autonomous community are equal and do not have any privileged status.
  • The autonomous community must ensure that it can not be controlled by anyone or organization.
  • The value of data comes from the application results after mining, and the raw data can not be used for direct transactions.

Data sources

  • DLB APP periodically pushes relevant data acquisition templates to obtain basic information from users, and users can choose whether to supply them according to actual conditions.
  • Full terminal Token inspired browser to collect user's Internet browsing behavior.
  • All terminal Token inspired media aggregator APP, the user's reading and watching behavior will receive Token award.
  • CIBN micro listening is established through the establishment of a Token activated version of the full terminal application. After obtaining user authorization, user identification and data transmission are carried out through API and DLB. DLB obtains user viewing behavior data from CIBN micro audiovisual

Project highlights

DLB public chain

Fair. Transparency. Openness. Autonomy

The PoDv consensus mechanism and the incentive mechanism of DLB Token allow all agencies or individuals to participate in the shared and open movement of data fairly and in mutual trust without any central agency endorsement.

Data privacy. Right and traceability

DLB public chain records all data supply, update and application safely and transparently. Once it is confirmed, it can not be tampered with and can be checked at any time.

Security. Controllable. Permanent data storage

The complete and original data of the user are stored in the node network distributed in the data slices and multiple copies distributed. The location of the original data is located by the metadata, and the chain is encrypted on the metadata.

Multidimensional data integration

Dapp, which is based on data purse one APP and DLB ecological API, provides data for a large data sharing platform to achieve a more complete and accurate multi-dimensional data portrait.

Smart contracts for large data applications

All the generation and reward of the value of the user's data will be generated through data mining and application. The DLB intelligent contract will effectively solve the application authorization of the data and the objective value feedback of the data.

The value of DLB

A new big data autonomous community with centralization and Pratt dividend data dividends

Application scene

DLB provides a basic data mining framework based on the Mandelbrot AI system, with AP to open algorithm logic programming to data scientists in various professional fields. In the form of Token incentive, the whole society data scientists are provided with comprehensive and fine mining algorithm logic. And thus lowering the threshold of data value application, anyone and organizations can get data value at lower cost.


Technical operation team

yushugui CEO
He was the co founder of Gevey HK big hoe mining machine, and led the landing of technology research and development. After the successful development of the chip in the second half of 2013, the big hoe machine was released. In 2014, the mine was deployed in Sichuan, with a total capacity of 20 thousand kwh. Before founding DLB, he served as the executive director of YMALL.INC, and the founder and chairman of Shenzhen Wu Yi San Educational Technology Co. Ltd. It has accumulated rich experience in management and business practice in top companies.
sukaijian CPO
He worked in the AVIVA insurance company headquarters in China, IT, to participate in the establishment of ITSM system and BI project. Encrypted currency early investors, the first Taobao open platform application contest TOP10 developers. All previous cloud technology CPO, leading the design and market operation of cloud computing products and services. Banana intelligent founder and CEO, the leadership team in bionic machine, AI, deep learning and other fields of scientific research and product incubation, business mode incubation
liuzhen CMO CEO, which has ploughed for ten years in the private equity field, successfully invested many famous projects such as Gauss Baer, the US map, the best choice, the medium micro semiconductor and many other well-known projects and received several times return. A few years ago, it entered the block chain investment field, investing in the upstream industries such as large digital money mines, exchanges, funds, block chain media and other value chains. Cornerstone investment in a large number of high-quality block chain projects, block chain investors, big coffee and digital currency believers.
Mike Mansour CTO
Graduated from University of Technology Sydney and UC Berkeley graduate student, he worked in the Sherlock vision center in the United States and Taste Analytics for the research and development of large data infrastructure, Apache Hadoop open source community code contributor. Master the underlying technology of block chain, proficient in technology research and development of Hadoop, Hbase, Spark (Streaming/MLlib), YARN, Flume, Kafka distribution storage / computing and large data applications
zhanchaoyun CFO
In 2006, we created the Ze Tong International Logistics Center to cooperate with foreign investors in many countries. Through commercial data mining and integration of financial services to help customers to carry out international trade with the best ROI. From 2012 to 2015, the international trade share of its enterprises in Yantian Port ranked the top three of the industry. It is the earliest explorer of business data mining in international trade business, and the real person in financial analysis field.
kangpeifeng COO
Master of Shenzhen University, management and operation expert, a senior management manager of McKinsey consulting company, proficient in management operation and investment and financing management. In 2015, independent operation consulting and management service was created to provide professional operation and management consulting services for a large number of entrepreneurs in China. Pioneering business management and operation services in data, cloud computing and other fields are now employed in the DLB foundation as the COO in the Asia Pacific region.

Consultant team

Ravi Ruia Chairman of the DLB foundation
Once served as director of investment in GIC Special Investments Pte Ltd, GIC belongs to one of the three core subsidiaries of the Singapore government investment group, which is mainly responsible for investment in real estate and alternative projects. In 2012, Mr. Ravi joined the wave of encrypted money and set up block chain funds to participate in early investments in projects such as SC, StorJ and Taste Analytics. Founded in 2018, the DLB foundation is committed to building a big data ecosystem alliance to centralization and universal benefit.
makun Four leaf grass safety founder
Network name cnfjhh, information security expert, well-known security white hat, focuses on the forefront of network security research. One of China and America's hacker wars has successfully infiltrated many well-known domestic and foreign networks. At the beginning of 2007, the American blizzard company was successfully penetrated into the domestic security circle. During the 2002-2008 years, many domestic hack enthusiasts were involved. In the early years, many articles were published in "hacker X file" and "hacker defense line". Its four leaf clover safety is currently a security technology partner of operators, government, energy, electricity and other large Internet Co such as BAT.
Joachim Dsouza Sagacito CTO
MIT postdoctoral researcher, data scientist, jointly created the famous cloud computing company in India, the Sagacito of the mobile terminal enterprise solution, which aims to help enterprises make scientific decisions through data analysis and cloud computing, thus maximizing the market share and business revenue. Joachim Dsouza, as the chief architect of Sagacito, has led the whole Sagacito technology architecture research and development, and is a senior expert in data mining and application field.
Michele Radici Lemonade Scientist
Michele Radici informatics engineer work several year like consultant for develop new strategy business area and coworker with Dlb for set up in Europe actually with cooperation of high level contact in financial, economy and politics area